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Information About Cosmetic Dentistry Services

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A dental exam is performed at least once a year to assess your oral health and determine if any preventive or restorative procedures are needed.

A dental cleaning should be performed at least twice a year to remove built-up plaque and tartar, and to polish stains from the enamel.

Dental sealants are a preventive treatment that can be applied on the tops of the premolars and molars to reduce the development of cavities.

An intraoral camera is used during a dental exam to help the dentist identify areas of concern, and look for problems like cavities and oral cancer.

A root canal is a common procedure to remove the infected pulp inside a tooth and is followed by protecting the tooth with a dental crown.

The first stage of gum disease, gingivitis, can usually be treated with one or more scaling and root planing procedures that clean the gum pockets.

After a dental cavity is diagnosed and cleaned out, a tooth-colored filling is placed to seal and protect while blending in with the natural enamel.

Bioliner Plus is a series of clear, custom aligners that gently move your teeth into a correct position to eliminate dental gaps and rotated teeth.

To quickly and effectively mask cosmetic flaws like discoloration, dental veneers are custom made to fit over the teeth for a beautiful-looking smile.

Teeth whitening kits can be created with custom mouth trays and professional bleach, so patients can brighten their smile conveniently at home.

A smile makeover is a personalized combination of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to improve the appearance and health of the teeth.

A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth using crowns on the surrounding teeth or an implant to restore oral health and appearance.

A dental crown is custom made to either fit over and protect a damaged tooth, support a bridge, or attach to an implant to replace a missing tooth.

A dental implant is surgically placed in the jaw and then attached to a restoration (crown, bridge, or denture) to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

Fixed or removable dentures replace some or most of the teeth in the upper and/or lower arch to restore the appearance and function of the mouth.

An inlay or onlay is custom made to cover a damaged or infected area that needs more coverage than a dental filling, but less than a full crown.

A custom athletic mouth guard helps to protect the teeth, gums, and jaw during sports and other activities with a high risk of facial injury.

Dental sleep medicine in Richardson, TX involves the treatment of sleep-related conditions, like snoring and sleep apnea, for more restful sleep.

To treat temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder (TMD), a custom dental appliance can be made to relieve pressure and inflammation in the jawbone.

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