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Dental Imaging in Richardson, TX

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Dental Imaging Overview

An intraoral camera is an advanced tool that helps Dr. Porter get a close-up, high resolution view of your teeth and gums that can be viewed on a nearby monitor. Dr. Porter can use the captured images to show you areas of concern and discuss treatment options. The intraoral camera system may also be used during a procedure to provide Dr. Porter a better view of the treatment area. During your initial consultation at Robert L. Porter Dentistry in Richardson, TX, Dr. Porter will show you how the intraoral camera magnifies each tooth and area of tissue to improve your dental exam and identify problems that need to be addressed.

Best Candidates for Dental Imaging

Using an intraoral camera to view the gums and teeth can be beneficial for every patient. Every comprehensive exam includes this service. It helps you better understand your oral health by showing you a clear picture of your teeth and gums. Images can be saved for later comparison to evaluate progress or healing of an area of concern. As a useful instrument for you and Dr. Porter, intraoral cameras help with diagnosis and make it easier to decide on your treatment options.

What To Expect from Dental Imaging

With a size and shape very similar to a pencil, an intraoral camera is a versatile tool that transmits live video from inside your mouth to a digital screen. Dr. Porter will capture images of your gums and teeth while watching the pictures on the screen. The high resolution images make treatment planning so much easier when you can see what Dr. Porter sees in your mouth. When you can see and understand the problem, it allows you to make more educated decisions with Dr. Porter about your treatment plan. Dr. Porter uses this approach to catch small problems early before they become big problems.

Follow-Up for Dental Imaging

When an issue is discovered using the intraoral camera, Dr. Porter will talk with you about the best treatment choices available for your condition and needs. After a plan is developed, you can schedule your appointment(s) at Robert L. Porter Dentistry to start your care. Normally, intraoral cameras are beneficial in identifying an issue early on, so your treatment might take less time and be less invasive. The camera may also be utilized during your procedure to help Dr. Porter see the treatment area.

Insurance Coverage for Dental Imaging

If the intraoral camera helps to identify a problem, Dr. Porter will go over your treatment options. He will discuss cost estimates for each procedure. If you have dental insurance, our team will contact your carrier to calculate your coverage and remaining out-of-pocket expenses. Robert L. Porter Dentistry accepts several payment methods, including low-interest medical financing.

Intraoral Camera

Using an intraoral camera throughout your dental evaluation can help Dr. Porter find hidden issues. The intraoral camera also makes it easier for you to see and understand problems with your teeth and gums so you can make an educated decision on your treatment plan. At Robert L. Porter Dentistry, we're pleased to provide this advanced equipment to better treat you. To learn more about intraoral cameras, contact our office in Richardson, TX and schedule an appointment with board-certified dentist Dr. Porter.

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