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Have you been searching for that dental practice that treats you like one of the family — or maybe even better? Look no further. Robert L. Porter Dentistry in Richardson, TX is the dental office that corporate dentistry hopes you never discover. If you sit in one of our chairs, you will never want to return to the "hurry patients through" method that’s so common in many dental practices. We want you to feel confident about choosing our practice for you and your family, so we've compiled reviews from different websites from our patients. These firsthand accounts will help you understand that Dr. Porter and his staff are the best choice to improve and maintain your oral health.

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Review from CK  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Sep 17, 2012

Nancy – Thanks for getting me in so quickly to see "The Doc"! Plus, he did a good job! More

Review from LL  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Nov 09, 2015

I love Dr. Porter and his staff. I have the best smile thanks to Dr. Porter and his staff and I always feel so comfortable at his office. More

Review from Test  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Dec 02, 2014

What an amazing experience! More

Review from LN  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Jul 09, 2011

There is no substitute for having a smile when walking into Dr. Porter's office two hours before, you had none. Even though I knew I had no smile myself, a friend I hadn't seen for two years saw me last week and said "Oooh! Larry! Take care of your teeth! You look like a monster!" I'm calling him and his whole family to go to lunch, and I'll treat. And I'll be smiling the whole time, believe me. Dr. Porter is the reason, and my new front tooth the proof, for the fact that out of my hear, my mouth has a way to smile, talk, and speak up again. More

Review from JP  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Jun 12, 2010

It's been really great getting to know all of you and a pleasure treating your patients. I'm truly impressed with your quality of work and the time you put into each case. Thank you for the strawberry cake you bright by. It was wonderful. More

Review from EJ  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Sep 01, 2009

This is my testimonial of confidence and gratitude for Dr. Porter and his wonderful staff. I have been a patient of Dr. Porter's since the mid-nineties. He was always a great dentist. When my husband and I moved to south Garland, I thought I would find a close dentist just to be part of our new neighborhood. I called 1-800-dentist and they referred us to an office in Mesquite. One of the dentists performed a root canal on an upper left side molar. He was flirting and giggling with his assistant while he was working on me. I heard a crunch while he was working on the tooth. I told him and he ignored me. Several days later the tooth abscessed so I went back to this dentist and he performed another root canal on the same tooth – and charged me again. ... I told her I WAS GOING BACK TO DR. PORTER ON MY KNEES AND ASK HIM TO FORGIVE MY DISLOYALTY AND TAKE ME BACK AS A PATIENT! Which I did. I told Dr. Porter that my molar still felt alive even after all of the previous root canals. He skillfully removed the tooth, perfectly intact, and found that the root had been crushed, probably during the first root canal, and the piece of broken root was forming a little pearl under the tooth. He removed the piece of broken root. When I healed, he made me a perfect new tooth and bridge using the one he had skillfully removed. It feels like I grew it myself. The moral of the story is that when you have a great dentist like Dr. Porter, don't mess around and go to someone else. My husband, my mother, my mother-in-law all use Dr. Porter. We all hope he never retires. More

Review from KC  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Jun 12, 2009

Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate my new look, all your wonderful work, and the care and encouragement of your staff. More

Review from DJ  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Jun 12, 2009

You are the most fabulous dental office I have ever experienced. "Considerate, Knowledgeable, Proficient & Caring" – what more could a patient want? P.S. As an actress and a salon owner, I thank you for making my teeth "look and feel" better than ever! More

Review from NW  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Apr 16, 2009

My recent visit to your office met the expectations railed by the advertisement I saw in the Richardson Living Magazine. I wanted a dentist that believed in doing what was best for his patients and focused on restoring teeth using conservative measures. I found great dentistry and a wonderful staff! That's the best way to gain new patients and keep them. More

Review from HW  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Mar 30, 2006

I am 13 years old and I got laser fillings by Dr. Porter. They didn't hurt AT ALL! I had two cavities and they were both filled painlessly in under 30 minutes. This was super easy! More

Review from EA  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Feb 27, 2006

Before I got work done on my teeth, I was really shy about talking or smiling a lot in front of people, but after the WONDERFUL work that took place in Dr. Porter's office, I'm much more confident in myself and in smiling. More

Review from L  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Sep 26, 2005

Last month Dr. Porter completed my second CEREC procedure and I could not be happier. What an absolute delight to discover that he was able to do the crown prep, design, construction AND complete procedure in one single visit! No temporary crown. No pain. And the result? A fabulous tooth that looks brand new. I appreciate you staying on top of new technology. Many thanks!! More


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